The Importance of Medical Insurance

Nowadays people seem to overlook the importance of medical insurance, especially for young adults who are far too busy working or building their social life. And on this article, we have listed the importance of medical insurance, and why you should get one for you and your family. Although medical insurance can be quite expensive, we guarantee you that getting one is one of the best investment that you can ever make, both for your finances and your health so make sure to read this article to find out more about medical insurance.

Health emergencies

Our first reason of why you should get medical insurance is that you need it in case there are health emergencies, medical insurance can cover some or even your full medical expenses in case you got into an accident, severe illness and many more. Besides getting your costs covered by the insurance, you can also get some facilities that only an owner of insurance can have, such as getting a room immediately instead of going to the E.R first. Having medical insurance can also help

Modern lifestyle illness

With technologies and everything growing from the past few years, so does disease, as humans nowadays are more prone due to the lazy digital life. Modern lifestyle illness might consist of stroke, obese, cancer, lung condition and many more, which usually affects young adults, and this is another reason why getting medical insurance is very crucial to your life. Medical insurance also offers to cover preventive services such as counselings, screenings and even vaccines that can help you maintain your health.

Medical insurance is an investment

Yes, we’ve said it before at the beginning of this article, getting medical insurance is an investment for you. The reason why it is an investment is that medical insurance prices will go up as time goes by, so if you invest at the age of 20’s, it can go up or even double as you reached the 30’s. So better get your medical insurance while the price is low as insurance’s price will go up every year.

Tip: if you’re thinking to get medical insurance for you and your family, make sure to haggle the price, the salesman usually will give you package for your family which will typically cost a bit cheaper compared to getting only for yourself.…


Thrifty tips for Adults

Taking care of your money can be quite a hassle, especially with the bills, and while handling your social life. Some people might overlook the importance of financing your money from an early age, and there’s a lot of benefits in managing your money, starting from investment, retirement and even emergency expenses. Here we have listed several ways on how to manage, save and make more money for you young adults.

Make a checklist of your budget and spending

The first step on saving money is to make a list of your monthly budget and your spending; this will inform you where most of your money goes, and how you can allocate it to save more money. Making this list will also prevent you to indulge or splurge on something that you don’t need, and instead, saving for something that you need, perhaps a holiday that you deserve, a new car or maybe a new house.

Tip: some applications on your smartphone also offer you to manage your money, so make sure to do your research on the Internet.

Rent instead of buying things

Another mistake that people seem to do is to buy expensive stuff that is going to be used only for a one time occasion. For example, why buy an expensive dress for a wedding party when you can rent for a lower price or, borrow from a friend, which is practically free. Another tip from us is to make sure you ask around before you decide to rent something, some stores can have the same thing that you need on a lower price, and make sure to return it on time to avoid any penalties.

Tip: in case you’re renting or borrowing, make sure that you have the stuff that you need a day before the big event, this will ensure you that you have what you need.

Sell used stuff

If you have used stuff such as textbooks or clothes that you don’t wear anymore, then you can sell it to make extra cash. Nowadays many websites offer you a place for you to sell your used stuff, so make sure you pack your used stuff and starts selling. A tip from us is trying to sell it at a lower price; you’re trying to sell your stuff just to get rid of it, not to make a lot of money. Sell your stuff on a package to encourage customers to buy your used goods.…